Thecia & Patrick

My sister is getting married today. It's a funny feeling being all grown up. Of three, she's the oldest, and I'm the youngest. Naturally, she picked on me and I tried my best to be annoying, so our childhood was filled with stupid fights and snitching. Mostly her snitching and me fighting. When we were kids I threw a penny at her forehead, and I swear I had unleashed Thecia 2.0. That was the last time I threw a penny at any type of forehead. When we were older, she chased me around the house, and me in my innocence did not foresee this type of attack, so as I ran in my socks on shiny new hardwood floors, I slipped and fell by our dinner table. Apparently that was enough punishment for me because she stopped chasing me. 

My sister and I only look a like, but we couldn't be anymore different than each other. I'm clearly more fun. Haha, I'm kidding. She's always been the wiser one, and I the foolish one. She'd do things the right way and I would ignore my parent's advice and mess up and come back crying. She studied hard while I was out and about. She started college right out of high school, and when I graduated, I was still out and about. I've always been so loud, and she just observes in her quietness. I give myself away to every person I meet, but she guards her heart. I'll give you my trust but you'll earn it from her. I live for the now, she lives for tomorrow. I care less, and she cares more, but somehow, it doesn't take much to make us both cry. 

In a few hours you'll be walking down the isle with my dad, and be given to your husband. I already know we're going to cry really ugly. It's a new season as you take on a new last name, and I am so happy for you. I'm excited for your new home, your new job, and your marriage. 

The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.
— Lamentations 3:22-23
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