Roger Williams Park, Family Photos: The Lima Family

This past weekend I photographed the cutest family. And the best part of it was their little girl, Bibi (bee-bee). For a child that wouldn't stay still for more than three seconds, she did really good! 

And you wouldn't even know that her mom was holding her in place 2 seconds before this picture. And surely, little Bibi ran after her right after this shot. Haha, you gotta love this girl! 

I've known the Lima family for some years, so I've been around Bibi since she was born. However, this little girl does not like my face, and I'm 99% sure thats all my fault. 

I mean, do you see how cute she is?! Everytime I saw her, I couldn't resist. I'd pinch her cheeks so hard that I might've classically conditioned her to associate my face with pain. So I thought that since I was going to be all up on her face, I was going to get some pretty grumpy shots. Trust me, I definitely did. But thank God her awesome parents were there, being silly, jumping and dancing just so that their daughter would smile in spite of me. 

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