Savannah {And Our Story} // India Point Park Providence

I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. I'm not being biased. Even before she was my girlfriend, I still thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

We met at Starbucks. She was in front of me in line ordering her chai tea latte when she realized she had forgotten her wallet in another purse. I offered to pay for her, and said, "Since I bought this for you, can I at least know your name?

And then she fell madly in love with me. KIDDING. We knew each other before that. Up to that point, we had only communicated via text and Facebook, and not that frequently. How romantic, right? We knew each other through a mutual friend, but never had the opportunity to actually meet. I remember the first time I ever saw a photo of her, four years ago. I thought her beauty was so effortless. She was standing in the edge of a boat. The sail stretched high off the frame, frozen in the wind. The sky shined in dark red, then deep purple as it stretched away from the horizon. And there she was, holding the white railings of that boat, leaning back and looking at the camera; her hair flowing in the wind, but not messy. I would study these photos, track every speckle of brown that covered her skin, entangle in the green threads that stretched across her pupil and back again. I had no idea who she was, but I never neglected to tell her how amazingly gorgeous she looked, and she never failed to respond with another compliment. But this was the basis for most of our conversations, which were rare and never escalated to much depth, but at the same time, it wasn't superficial. I knew that one day we would look each other in the eye, and fall endlessly in the abyss of love. It was a weird feeling, but I was so certain. Just as the sky is blue, I knew we would be together. 

And when the day finally came to meet her, I felt like a fanatic Taylor Swift fan. Maybe not to that extent, but it was wild nonetheless. I picked her up from her house, and we drove to Starbucks. 

And as we sipped our chai tea lattes and talked face-to-face for the first time, my heart couldn't really decide. Although I preferred it'd just stop, it raced too quickly before I could catch it, and ran down my sleeve readying itself to dive into her hands, as soon as she came close enough.


I am so lucky to have a woman like her.  


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