Photographing heartfelt stories on film

Eli De faria

Fine Art Wedding Photographer


I am a film wedding photographer living in Providence, Rhode Island. I have lived here for most of my life, and though this is my home, traveling the world with my beautiful wife is what gives me life. It doesn't matter if we are traveling for work, or leisure. There's nothing like experiencing different parts of the world.

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I choose to shoot almost all of my work on film. Although some will say it is a lost art, I think there are actually few things that are as timeless as film photography. The representation of colors are stunning and accurate. When you look at your wedding photos 50 years from now, you'll remember your day as if it were yesterday, because film doesn't change! And because I can't see what I photograph immediately, it has made me extremely intentional about each photo I take. One of the things I also try to do is make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and excited to be in front of the camera. As someone who is always behind the lens, I know how hard it is to be photographed, but I also know how to bring out your true, genuine self. 



Eli has such a fun-loving yet peaceful spirit about him. He put us at ease right away when he starting taking our pictures for our engagement shoot—and we had such a blast! We could tell instantly that he was filled with joy by his work.  

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Photo courtesy of Rebecca Arthurs Photography

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Arthurs Photography



If you're looking for the best quality photography, the best quality service, and if your lucky, the best quality friend, it would be your biggest mistake to pass up an opportunity to work with Eli.

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